Scouts Summer Camp 2015 – Somerset

  • Summer2015_03
    Paddle boarding at Wimbleball Lake
  • Summer2015_09
    Fish & Chips in the park
  • Summer2015_11
    Not much can be said here really, tired?
  • Summer2015_01
    Best exit off the raft competition
  • Summer2015_02
    Raft paddle boarding
  • Summer2015_15
    Dunkery Beacon conquered
  • Summer2015_04
    Diving competition
  • Summer2015_06
    Get in the water lads, no time for laying around
  • Summer2015_07
  • Summer2015_08
    Something missing?
  • Summer2015_10
    Day 2 of the expedition, uphill again!?!?
  • Summer2015_12
    Overnight camp for the expedition
  • Summer2015_13
    Mixed emotions as day 1 of the expedition comes to an end
  • Summer2015_05
    Rafting at Wimbleball Lake
  • Summer2015_14
    Selfies require concentration you know!

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