Beavers Learn Tag Rugby

beaverstagrugby_2014_01The Beavers have been working on their fitness challenge badge this term and one of the things they had to do for it was to learn a new sport. Luckily, one of our parents was able to step in and teach them the basics of tag rugby in time for the proposed tag rugby district competition.

beaverstagrugby_2014_03The Beavers learned how to ‘tag’ each other using the tag belts, how to throw a rugby ball and also how to catch the ball quickly all in the space of a few weeks. Even though the tag rugby competition was sadly cancelled, we let them all have a game in the park to use the skills they have worked so hard on.

Well done to all the Beavers that took part and a massive thank you to out parent ‘coach’ for all her hard work.

Contributed by Skull, Beaver Leader

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