Beavers Visit Pets@Home

Petsathome2014_01BeaverpetsThis week at Beavers we took a trip to Pets@Home to start our Animal Friend Activity Badge.

Beavers learned about how to care for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Bearded Dragons, Iguanas and Corn Snakes to name a few. This included what to feed them and how often, the importance of fresh drinking water and how to hold them. The Beavers were then allowed to stroke the animals under the guidance of the Pets@Home staff member who was running the evening.

Petsathome2014_03Then we were shown around the aquarium area and how to feed fish.  We learned how often you should feed freshwater and tropical fish and in what quantities.

Petsathome2014_02We had a fantastic evening and would like to thank all the parents that stayed to supervise and Pets@Home, Sydenham for their effort in putting on a good evening!!

Contributed by Skull, Beaver Leader

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