Beavers Xmas Sleepover with the 27th Bromley

Beavers' Xmas Sleepover 2012

Our Beavers joined up with the 27th Bromley Beavers for a Christmas Themed Sleepover at Downe Scout Centre in December:

Beavers' Xmas Sleepover 2012

We all arrived on the Friday evening with the Beavers very excited as this was some of their first time away from home. The evening was spent making Christmas stockings to hang up and singing songs inside.  We were very lucky though as Santa decided to visit us whilst making some last minute flight checks!  He had a chat with the Beavers to make sure they were all being good before telling them he had to go and do some last minute things before delivering his presents to all the children on Christmas Eve.  Once Santa had gone, we all had some hot chocolate before bed.

Beavers' Xmas Sleepover 2012Beavers' Xmas Sleepover 2012

On Saturday morning we all got up early and got into some warm clothes to watch the sun to rise at 07.55am.  It was so cold we had to do 5 minutes of exercise to warm us up! The Beavers were all given their stockings, which had been hung up the night before, and they found they were full of sweets!  They also found they each had a present under the Christmas Trees and were allowed to open these after breakfast and play with their new toys for a little while. After breakfast we got ready to go for a short hike around the site.  We found lots of interesting things and brought some back to the building to show everyone else what we had found. We then made Christmas crafts – including tree decorations and Christmas cards followed by party games and Christmas dinner.

After dinner it was almost time to go home, so the Beavers quickly packed all of their stuff away and all stood in their teams for the Sleepover awards. Thanks to the 27th Bromley for giving our Beavers a fantastic night away to remember!


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