Bothamley Cup – Scouts Lifesaver’s Competition Success!

Bothomley Cup 2013For the last month or so, I have been heading down to Downham Leisure Centre, to take part in the life savers badge course. I had 4 weeks of training before the day I was tested on what I had learned the past month. This included 4 different rescues such, which included ‘Reach rescue’ and the ‘Tow rescue,’ how to tell if the water is safe or not, water safety code, safe entries into the pool, recovery position and CPR.  It was a very challenging course, and it was very physically demanding as I had to swim 16 lengths of a pool in 12-15 minutes using three different strokes.  At the end when we were tested to see if we could get our badge the simple task of getting the badge turned into a competition.

Lifesaver Activity Badge

Based on how well we did in each stage we would be awarded points out of 10. With 4 trials the maximum score you could have got was 40. After the results were added up we found out who won. I got a score of 33 with which I managed to win the competition and the solid silver trophy that goes with it by half a point! At the end of this, I have learned a lot of valuable life skills. I am very happy I decided to take part and I enjoyed myself, all the way through!

Ross, Senior Patrol Leader

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