Cubs Circus Fun Day

Cubs_Circus_2015_02The Cubs have spent the Day at Frylands Wood Scout Activity Centre taking part in the Cub/Beaver Circus Fun Day.

Cubs_Circus_2015_02The cubs were met in the car park and then taken around the camp site by Flunkey, Kipling and Joey. They started the day off with joining the queue for the climbing tower, from there they went to the inflatables and had fun on the slide, Gladiators, Quasar and Sumo suits. The cubs joined me, Rama and Hathi on the riffle range for lunch.

After lunch the cubs did the following: rifles, assault Course & Fun of the fair Activities. The day ended with everyone meeting on Farley field where a display of circus skills was given and the day ended with a display team of acrobats.The cubs are looking forward to next years event.

Contributed by Akela

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