Cubs Pack Holiday May 2014

cubph_may2014_05The cubs have had a fantastic Bank holiday weekend away to Walton Firs Activity Centre, Cobham, Surrey. 13 Cubs Attended with 9 Helpers. We stayed in the Brunswick Building. The weekend was themed on the carnival. All activities for the weekend were joined together with a carnival on the Sunday afternoon.

The Cubs made:

  • Tin Can Ally, the decorated the cans with targets
  • Hoop La, bottles were filled with coloured water and decorated with target
  • Ping Pong Fish, cups were decorated, half filled with water and a plastic fish put inside.

cubph_may2014_01The Cubs also did the following on site activities:

  • Archery
  • Riffle Shooting
  • Assault Course

Sunday afternoon was Carnival time. The teams Popcorn, Candy Floss and The Acrobats where taken around the 12 stalls by their team leader. Each stall had the opportunity to win tickets. The cub with the most tickets at the end would become Carnival King or Queen. The 12 stalls were:

  • cubph_may2014_03Hit Akela – Sponge balls soaked in water were thrown, tickets awarded for direct hits
  • Roll a 2P
  • Hook a Fish
  • Ping Pong Fish
  • Chocolate Apple Making
  • Balloon Pop
  • Tin Can Ally
  • Smash a Plate
  • Coco Nut Shy
  • Card Darts
  • Grass Darts
  • Hoop La

The cubs had 2 camp fires and the one on Sunday evening was were Arky Sue invested a cub and our new Leader Flunkey Monkey.

cubph_may2014_04The cubs worked towards their Outdoor Challenge Badge and the new Badge Backwards Cooking. All cubs were awarded the Nights away and Hikes away badge appropriate to the number of nights or hikes completed.

All the cubs that came are looking forward to the next camp that has already been booked for November. The theme for this camp will be “Party in the Dark”.

Contributed by Akela

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