Cubs Sports Day 2015

CSD_2015_01Today the cubs held their sports day. We met in the hall to collect the sports day equipment. The parents met us in Kings Meadow.

The cubs this year were put into teams, lead by a leader and given team colours.

Kippling – Team colour white

Flunkey Monkey – Team colour red

Hathi – Team colour blue.

  • The cubs competed in the following events;
  • Sprint
  • Egg N Spoon
  • Welly Throwing
  • Sack Race
  • 3 Legged
  • Team Relay

CSD_2015_02We ended the evening with the team Tug of War. The cubs decided to challenge to their parents to have a go. The Cubs won! Medals were given out to individual winners and the team winners who won the trophy was team Kippling. Well done and here’s looking towards next years event.

Contributed by Akela

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