Cubs Spring Camp 2015

CSC2015_0220 Cubs, 7 Leaders and 3 Helpers attended our Spring Camp this past weekend. As the theme was Australia the Cubs had to complete a number of tasks throughout the weekend gaining stars for their teams.

The cubs arrived with their boarding passes which were then handed over to Border Security for entry into Australia. Once passed the check point passports were issued to all the cubs. These gave information to the cubs which was needed for the weekend.

CSC2015_01The cubs were put into teams: Wombats, Emus and Kangaroos. They were then taken on a hike lead by Rama dressed as an Emu. When the cubs arrived back a wide game was waiting for them. The cubs finished the evening off with Pizza’s for their supper.

On Saturday the cubs started the day by having their rooms inspected. The cubs then changed into their Australian themed costumes and were ready to get stuck in to their first task.

The following tasks for the day ahead were;

Task 1 Drain Pipe Challenge / Boomerang making

Task 2 Bouncy Kangaroo’s / Didgeridoo making

Task 3 Water Slide Challenge

Task 4 Attack the Croc

Task 5 The Gunge Tank

CSC2015_03The weather was fantastic Saturday afternoon and everyone had fun on the water slide challenge. All of the cubs showered and got ready for tea, which of course had to be a BBQ. As the weather was still warm we set up tables outside to eat tea. After Tea the cubs collected wood for the camp fire. They enjoyed a wide game first. As the theme was Australia the camp fire songs were kept to that theme as well. The cubs sang;

Have you ever seen an Emu come to tea

Waltzing Matilda

Cuddly Koalas



Coco and Smores were done around the camp fire for super.

CSC2015_04On Sunday the weather was still great and the cubs still had three tasks left to do. They were;

Task 6 Tunnel Challenge

Task 7 Bungee Run

Task 8 Bush Tucker Trail

Akela and all the leaders were very impressed with the cubs on the last task. On a tray we placed Meal Worms, Locus, Grasshopper and a Beetle. These were placed under cups so the cubs could not see. The cubs then approached the table and were asked questions. If they got the question right they then sat down. If not they had to chose a cup. I must say that out of 20 cubs 17 actually did the task, with some of them coming up for more. WELL DONE.

CSC2015_05The camp ended with the awards and badges been given out. For this camp the leaders decided that no team won outright but to award a prize to all attending for completing the task.

As always a quick thank you to the leadership team for all their help and efforts for making this camp one of my favourites.

Next Camp 18th to 20th December 2015, Waylands, Bunk House

Contributed by Akela, Cub Scout Leader

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