Cubs visit the Horniman’s Museum & Gardens

Cubs at HornimanWe arrived at the museum just before opening so the cubs let off some steam in the play park across from the museum. At 10.30 am we joined the queue, eagerly anticipating what was awaiting us inside.

We visited the music room and looked at all different kinds of instruments from all over the world. Once we had finished answering the music questions we moved on to the hands on studios where the cubs tried their hand at different ways of making sound and music using different objects and unusual instruments.

Cubs at HornimanFrom there we had a look around the galleries full of masks and headdresses. The cubs visited the environment room where they saw a working bee hive and watched the bees enter the hive by plastic tubes that lead to the outside of the building. They watched the worker bees producing honey comb from where the honey is taken from. They also saw a field mice, but had to be very quiet and patient to spot it.

After lunch the cubs completed the dinosaurs quiz taking them around the galleries of different kinds of animals and fossils. After all the questionnaires were completed the cubs had some fun in the park before packing up to come home.

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