Explorers Cycling Practice Weekend – Whitsun 2014

Whitsun 2014In preparation for our summer cycling trip in Normandy, we went on a short practice weekend staying 1 night at Downe Activity Centre and 1 night at the Greenwich district campsite, both in Downe. We met at Norman’s Park on Saturday lunchtime and used the weekend to cycle around the Biggin Hill, Downe and Keston area to get practice with riding our bikes on the roads with all our kit needed on the panniers, tents, cooking equipment, clothes, the lot!

Whitsun 2014Luckily no major problems were encountered but potential improvements were highlighted that we can change for the main trip in the summer, which is the point of practising! We did have 1 unwilling volunteer who got 2 punctures which were fixed in no time but apart from that all went well.

Whitsun 2014One thing we do hope for sure is that there will not be any riding in the pouring rain like we encountered on the way back to Norman’s Park on the Monday morning as going to Normandy in August we should be greeted by lovely warm sunshine.

We now focus on planning a route and booking sites for our summer trip and doing another practice weekend in June.

Contributed by Ben Callow, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader

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