Explorers Whitsun Camp 2015

Whitsun_2015_03Friday night was the arrival date to set up camp and dinner before sitting around a nice fire to see out the evening.

Following the investiture of two members of the unit in the morning. activities began on Saturday with a fire from embers from the night before, starting fires without using matches and sustaining those fires to boil an egg. Lunch was then cooked on Trangia cookers to get a different experience of making food on camp using expedition equipment.

Whitsun_2015_01The afternoon was spent making camp gadgets and playing kick cricket in the opening in the forest. Dinner consisted of hand-made burger and chicken kebabs cooked over the open fire along with Potatoes cooked by wrapping them in foil to be cooked in the fire.

Whitsun_2015_04Sunday morning after breakfast was a hike to go over some map and compass skills and enjoy the Ashdown forest before stopping for lunch. We then headed back to site for a relaxed afternoon and a round of Plate Golf in the warm afternoon sun.

Monday morning was a quick breakfast before packing up all the site in yet more sunshine ready for a lunch of leftovers before heading home feeling tired but happy after a good weekend.

Contributed by Ben Callow, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader

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