Ski Tour 2012

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“Wow, where do I start? What an amazing week. Although the temperature didn’t reach 0˚c very often (it stayed firmly in the minuses), the snow was absolutely amazing. I go skiing every year and I have never seen snow like it. On Tuesday night it snowed for hours so on Wednesday there was at least a foot of fresh fluffy snow on all of the slopes. You couldn’t see your skis and like my and Denver’s ski instructor said it was like being in the movies. Every morning we all went to ski school and then skied all together in the afternoon. I was so surprised at how quickly everyone picked up the whole skiing malarkey and by the end of the week we were all skiing down red runs. I think one of my favourite moments was when we all had a massive snowball fight at the side of the piste. One measly snowball turned into a full on snow war and before I knew it we all had our skis off and where covering each other in snow.

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012Each evening we would either have dinner at the chalet or go out to a restaurant. One evening, after we had eaten dinner in the chalet, we decided to play the game spoons and as you all probably know it is a very silly game. Well… I have never laughed so much in my life and I couldn’t believe that such a simple game could be so fun. It was my first whole week away with our group and I was able to bond more with my fellow explorers. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and enjoying the experience with them too. I can safely say that the skiing holiday has had to be one of the best weeks of my life.” Katie

“What did skiing mean to me? Well to me, skiing meant fun. It was a good time, no sorry, it was a GREAT time! Even worth a 28 hour journey there and back – yes 28 hours!!! We had a great time, together as we were all mates, these times were whilst we were skiing, eating, cooking, playing games in the evening, yes this list does include washing up and cleaning! Some of the main moments that I will remember for a long time where Katie rugby tackling Gary, Dave being our local maid, Charlie once again being a total liability and … oh yes, my favourite new word ‘Chantilly’. So yeah – all in all a fantastic time. I wish I was still there.” Michael

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“Skiing is fun, enjoyable and exciting, it was an experience I will also remember. I had the opportunity to learn a new sport, which I enjoyed and I would love to go again.” David

“The 10th February 2012. They day of the ski trip had finally arrived. We boarded our mini buses and set off at 8:30pm on our long journey through the night. After 14 hours on the mini bus, we arrived at Les Gets, France, feeling tired but very excited. It was a picturesque sight. With snow capped mountains surrounding the town. We prepared ourselves to go skiing and hit the slopes. It was great to be skiing again. We skied every day with lessons in the morning for two hours and then after lunch we skied with the leaders for about five hours. In the evenings we took turns to cook. For two of the evenings we went to a restaurant for dinner. On the 17th February we left the resort, all bones intact! We arrived on Saturday to the pouring rain with great memories of our wonderful adventure.” Denver

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“The ski trip was an amazing experience; it was great fun and was a fantastic trip for everyone. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the falls, which there were a lot of and I’d love to go again.” Charlie

“I thought the skiing trip was really good because it gave us a chance to do a good sport in a place which had a lot of good ski runs and scenery, also the leaders gave us good advice and showed us new techniques on the slopes. Also within 1 week we could all easily do blue runs and could do red runs even though we were really all beginners. So it was really fun and we went out to a restaurant to eat twice.” Jamie

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“Going skiing with the 25th Bromley Explorer Unit was one of the best weeks of my life. Every moment was full of fun and the skiing was fantastic. It was my first time skiing, but thanks to the help of all the leaders, I and everyone else picked it up really quickly. Les Gets was a really lovely resort – it had everything that we needed and more. Overall, the resort and the skiing was amazing, and I cannot wait to go skiing again!” Rosie

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“My skiing holiday:

Best bits:

  • Learning how to ski
  • Snow fights
  • Falling over
  • Sleeping
  • Dinner

Quality holiday, well ‘chantilly’, the best thing about skiing was falling over as when you fall you get covered in snow.” Jack

Les Gets Ski Tour 2012“I had an amazing time on the ski trip, particularly playing spoons, being laughed at by French children who were better at skiing than me and guessing Gary’s age. I was really surprised at how much everyone picked up in the week, and by the end of the trip we were all skiing down red slopes, although some people (me) fell over/ crashed into everyone more than others. The views were absolutely stunning, and we made friends we will remember forever, in particular Andy (“What are you doing??”), and Callum, a very peaceful little northern boy who took a liking to Michael. Despite forgetting the passports on the journey home and facing the possibility of staying for another week, I had so much fun I wouldn’t have minded. Thanks to the leaders for making the trip happen, and I would recommend skiing to anyone who hasn’t been before – just go. You’ll love it.” Rachel

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