Below are a selection of the most common questions asked of leaders and members of the group executive at the 25th Bromley. Please have a read of them and if you have a question or query that is not covered below, contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the information that you require.


All sections meet on a Thursday evening during school term time. Sections meet at the following times:

  • Beavers: 17:00 – 18:15
  • Cubs: 18:30 – 19:45
  • Scouts: 19:45 – 21:30
  • Explorers: 19:45 – 21:30 (In the small hall)

Find UsWe are at the following location. See our Find Us page for more information.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorer Scouts

St Andrew’s Church Hall
Burnt Ash Lane

At present our sections are not full but those wanting to put their names on a waiting list for Beavers before they are old enough may do so by contacting us. There are currently places in all of our sections for new members, however as the group continues to grow this situation may change.

Beavers: 6 to 8
Cubs: 8 to 10.5
Scouts: 10.5 to 14
Explorers: 14 to 18

All you need to do is go to our contact page, fill out your details and submit it to us. We will then get in touch with you and arrange for you to come down.

Young People FirstSafeguarding

The 25th Bromley adheres strictly to the Scout Association Child Protection/Safeguarding policies and regularly DBS checks and  trains all leaders as part of this. Please visit our safeguarding page for more detailed information on this along with links to the Scout Association Safeguarding page and appropriate contact details.

Risk Management

Leaders are trained in risk assessment and all major activities have documented risk assessments carried out on them as well as a constant ongoing process of risk assessment as and when required during all Scouting activities.

In a word, NO! Although the core skills and values of the Scout Association still remain and are embraced by all groups including ours, there is far more to Scouting in the 21st century. Just take a look around our website and you will see the kind of things we get up to.

Please also view this video produced by the Scout Association to help dispel this myth.

At present subs are set at £40 per term. There are three terms in a calendar year aligned with school term dates. Subs pay for Scout Association Capitation costs, hall rental etc and are mandatory for all members of the group. Where appropriate, we claim gift aid from the government on subs payments. Parents or guardians paying subs will be asked to confirm their eligibility when it is required.

Camps and activities outside of this are budgeted and charged separately and equipment such as tents are paid for through fundraising, which relies heavily on members and their parents contributing time and effort to.

No, all adult members of the 25th Bromley Scout Group are volunteers. They give a huge amount of their time in order for the young people of the group to take part in the fantastic activities that are put on. There is not a financial reward for this, they do it because they enjoy doing it and believe in what the Scout movement has to offer young people.

Anyone can be involved in Scouting in some form or another. That could range from being a warranted leader, right the way through to helping to make the tea at our jumble sales. All adult help is gratefully received! Please contact us if you wish to get involved.

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