Road Safety For Our Beavers

Beavers - Road SafetyBeavers - Road SafetyOur Beaver Scouts are currently working on their Safety Badge this term.

We visited the pedestrian lights on Burnt Ash Lane to see and understand how they work as part of learning the Green Cross Code.

When we got back to hall the Beavers used what they had learned to fill out their work books. The work book contains the green cross code and all safety information for young people. Also included in the workbook are colouring pages, word searches and spot the danger poster.

Beaver Safety Activity Badge

To complete their safety badge, the Beavers will need to:


  1. Explain the Green Cross code.
  2. Explain the water safety code.
  3. Say what to do when approached by a stranger
  4. Identify possible dangers around the house and say what to do about them.

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