Scouts District Moonwalk Competition 2013

Moonwalk 2013It was that time of year again when the Scouts headed down to Broadstone Warren to take part in an over night treasure hunt competition. I am of course talking about Moonwalk. Five of the troop turned up ready to represent the 25th Bromley at the event. The James Bond themed event kicked off at 8:30pm, just before sun down. Straight away the 25th got a good plan going, headed in the right direction and visited some challenge bases to earn points. After a little confusion with the directions, which delayed the team in our mission, we were soon on our way again finding and completing many bases.

Moonwalk 2013

After a good five hours of navigating between bases we were all getting tired. We decided to head back to MI5 HQ where we had hot dogs and hot chocolate prepared by Miss Moneypenny to warm us up. We then slipped into our tailored tuxedos and hit the tables in the casino. We all headed to bed at about 2am so for nice welcome rest. In the morning, we had breakfast, packed up and collected our belongings. The results of the competition were announced and we came 15th from 28 troops taking part. This was the best result we have had in the competition for some time. Well done team, We did the troop proud!

Contributed by Ross, Senior Patrol Leader and Moonwalk team leader

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