Scouts Mechanic Badge

Scouts Mechanic BadgeScouts Mechanic Activity Badge

Our Scouts have been learning how to maintain a car this half term by working towards their Mechanic Activity Badge. For this badge they need to understand how an engine, gearbox, clutch and differential work in order to make a car go. They worked on this with the use of working models, actual car parts and the guidance of our resident mechanic, John our Scout Leader.

As well as this they had to know what is required for a vehicle to pass an MOT test and also the required tread depth etc for a tyre to be legally compliant.

Scouts Mechanic Badge

Next it was time for the Scouts to get their hands dirty. The leadership team moved a classic Leyland mini into the hall (The Italian Job style) for the scouts to work on. They had to replace a wheel, change wiper blades, check fluid levels and know how to top them up, change light bulbs and check and inflate tyres to the correct pressure.

The Scouts will then be tested in the coming weeks (and no doubt so will their parent’s cars with the MOT test sheets the Scouts have!) in order to pass their badge.

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