Scouts Navigation Challenge

Bromey Common Navigation ChallengeThe Scout section met on Bromley Common this week for their weekly meeting. Not because they fancied a change of scenery, although the common provided a fantastic backdrop, but to test their navigation skills against a challenge laid out by the leaders. The Scouts were sent off across the common to locate places on the map indicated purely by a list of grid references. The order and route that they took was down to the teams, but they had a deadline to meet so had to plan carefully.

Bromey Common Navigation Challenge

Both of teams had a good go at the challenge and although not all points were reached by either team, all of the Scouts learned valuable lessons in teamwork, planning, time management, leadership and of course navigation. Additionally the teams were tasked with spotting some wildlife, sadly there were only rabbits this time however. Let’s now see how they get on with French maps when they head off to summer camp next month!

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