Scouts PL’s Training Camp

PL & APL Stripes

PLs Training Camp 2013Whilst the South East of England was huddled indoors for the weekend, bracing themselves for the biggest storm in quite some time, the Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders and Leaders of the Scout section were proving that they are made of sterner stuff! The four Scouts recently promoted to their positions headed up to 11 Acres Scout Camp in Downe for a PL’s training camp.

PLs Training Camp 2013

The Scouts spent the weekend learning about leadership, teamwork, communication, vital Scouting skills and above all else, how to cook a decent meal for their patrol when they are on camp! All of this on the backdrop of one of the wettest and windiest camps we’ve seen for some time, they showed what they were made of.

Our PLs and APLs are now ready for the challenges that they will face in the coming months with some new tools in their kitbags that will help them through Scouts. Well done to the four Scouts who took part!

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