Scouts – Reptile Rescue

reptilerescue2014_02Lucas, Emma and Sophie from Reptile Rescue visited the Scouts last night to show the Scouts reptiles up close and allow them to handle them and get to know what they are really like.

reptilerescue2014_04Lucas gave a very interesting and informative presentation to the Scouts and leaders. He put the Scouts’ preconceptions about the animals straight and eased their fears guaranteeing that all bar a couple of the Scouts were too big for the snakes to eat them!

The presentation kicked off with a Millipede, Bearded Dragon and a Schneider’s (Berber) Skink. Lucas then moved on to the Corn Snake, Royal Pythons and Albino Burmese Pythons giving an insight into where and how they live their lives in their natural habitat.

reptilerescue2014_03The Scouts were then given a brilliant opportunity to get up close to the animals and handle them, which for some was easier than others but everyone got involved. There was also a mystery box challenge for the Scouts to identify what was in various boxes, which caused a bit of a stir!

Thanks to the guys from Reptile Rescue, the Scouts had a great time!

Contributed by Dan Stimson, Scout Leader

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